Animush Raw Pet Food Menu, Barrie, ON


Kennel and Daycare orders Welcome. Bulk discounts on orders of 500 lbs or more. Either 1lb cubes or Kennel cuts available.

(All Canadian Products)

Complete Dinners with Fruit and Veggies.
All Prices Are Per Pound Unless Otherwise Stated.
All Food is in Recyclable Plastic Tubs or Cardboard Boxes.Due to escalating costs we have found it necessary to discontinue offering 1 lb and 2 lb tub options.
Please see list below for current options available.
Item #DescriptionCost in 5lb Plastic Sleeves
UP 101in 1/2lb Lamb with F&V Patties$5.25 per lb
UP 104in 1/2lb Beef with F&V Patties$5.25 per lb
UP 107in 1/2lb Turkey with F&V Patties$4.50 per lb
UP 110in 1/2lb Chicken with F&V Patties$4.00 per lb


Contains UP to 10% Bone and 20% Organ. No. F&V.
Item #Description16LB Box50LB Box
UP 116Beaver$4.25$4.00
UP 118Beef$3.25$3.00
UP 119Pork$3.00$2.75
UP 121Lamb$3.50$3.25
UP 122Duck$3.00$2.75
UP 124Turkey$2.75$2.50
UP 127Chicken$2.50$2.25
UP 129Farm and Stream Beef, Lamb and Wild Pacific Salmon$3.25$3.00

Chicken Carcass

Item #DescriptionCostCost
UP 142Chicken Carcass Fresh Unfrozen Random Bulk Boxes$1.80 Per Lb.Need 1 Week Advance Notice
UP 158Check Backs Fresh Unfrozen$2.00 Per Lb.Need 1 Week Notice

*These special prices are firm until 15th March 2019 and will be reviewed at that time.


Meat & 10% Bone
Item #Description16LB Box50LB Box
UP 155Basic Tripple Mix
30% Beef, 30% Turkey, 30% Chicken, 10% Bone
$2.25 per lb$2.00 per lb
UP 156Chicken Basic 25# Bag 1 Lb Cubes$1.75 per lb, comes in 5 lb plastic sleeves$1.75 per lb, comes in 5 lb plastic sleeves
UP 157Beef Basic (with 10% Bone)$2.50$2.50
UP 158Turkey Basic$2.75$2.50
UP 15950/50 Chicken & Lamb$3.00$2.75
UP 16050/50 Chicken & Beef$3.00$2.75
UP 16150/50 Duck & Beef$3.50$3.25
UP 16250/50 Beef & Turkey$3.25$3.00
UP 165Beef with beef organ$2.75$2.50
UP 166Woods & Water,
30% Beaver and Bone,
30% Kangaroo, 20% Bison, 20% Wild BC Salmon

Organ Meat

Item#Description16LB Box50LB Box
UP 170Beef Organ$3.00$2.75
UP 175Lamb Organ$3.00$2.75
UP 180Tripe Ground Lamb$3.00$2.75
UP 185Tripe Ground Beef$3.00$2.75

Veterinarians Top Four Choices for Pets with Allergies

(All Canadian Products)

Specialty Tubs

Item #DescriptionCost Per LB in 16 LB BOXCost Per LB in 50 LB BOX
UP 190Elk$4.25$4.00
UP 192Beaver$4.25$4.00
UP 193Kangaroo$5.00$4.75
UP 194Rabbit$4.75$4.50
UP 204Salmon$4.25$4.00
UP 205Whole Beaver Legs$4.50 Per LB in 10 LB Box

Specialty Mixes

Item #Description16 LB BOX50 LB BOX
UP 206Salmon and Turkey$3.25$3.00
UP 207Ultimate Mix 25% Beaver,
25% Beef,  25% Beef Organ,
25% Turkey Bone
UP 209Salmon and Chicken$3.00$2.75


Item #DescriptionCost
UP 208Dehydrated Lamb or Beef Tripe Sticks$18.00 per lb
UP 216Dehydrated and Smoked Salmon Rolls$22.00 lb
UP 217Salmon Sticks$23.00 lb
UP 218Beaver Stix Dehydrated. A great organic Chew.$18.00 lb
UP 222Beaver Tail Pieces Smoked and Dehydrated 1/4 pound (113.5 grams)$18.00 lb
UP 225Duck Feet Dehydrated 1/4 pound (113.5 grams)$4.50
$18.00 lb
UP 232Beef or Lamb or Liver Dehydrated 1/4 pound (113.5 grams)$4.50
$18.00 lb
UP 233Pizzles$25.00 per lb
UP 234Bison Knuckles Sliced Smoked and dehydrated$16.00 lb
UP 237Fresh Frozen Beef Knuckles$8.00 lb

Dietary Supplement

Pure Wild Ocean Salmon Oil

High in Omega III

Not Diluted, Straight from Dehydrator

UP 240Wild Pacific Salmon Oil 8 oz Bottle$12.95
UP 242Wild Pacific Salmon Oil 4 oz Bottle$8.95