Bulk Dog Food, Barrie, ON

Natural Puppy Food in Barrie, Ontario

With our bulk dog food in Barrie, ON, we offer a discount when you order more than 100 pounds at a time.

Bulk Dog Food in Barrie, OntarioDepending on the size of your dog, they will need between 1/3 of a pound and 3+ pounds of raw dog food per day for optimal health, with more for active dogs and less if they need to lose weight. It makes sense to look into bulk dog food if you have an extra-large breed or multiple dogs in your household. At Animush Raw Pet Food, we know you don’t want to spend every weekend shopping for dog food, so we make it easy to purchase bulk dog food.

With our cubed chicken and cubed beef, we offer a discount when you order more than 100 pounds at a time. Additionally, our complete dinners of lamb, beef, turkey, or chicken with fruit and veggies come in convenient recyclable plastic tubs. Furthermore, purchases over $200 before tax always come at wholesale pricing.

We began Animush Raw Pet Food because we recognized there was a real need in Barrie, ON for someplace you could get high-quality food for the 4-legged members of your family. We know that you want the best for them, so all of our dog food is made from 100% Canadian certified human grade hormone and antibiotic-free meat. We never add any starches or carbohydrates that your pet would have trouble digesting. You’ll notice the difference in your dog almost immediately when you switch to a naturally raw diet.

When you are looking for bulk dog food, or even smaller packages and treats, contact us to place an order. We’ll be glad to help you be sure your dog is eating a well-balanced diet that is affordable and delicious.

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