Teeth Cleaning Testimonials


We were so happy with the results we got from APL – Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning. We took our 11 year old Airedale, Riley, in for a teeth cleaning. Melissa and her assistant was able to completely transform his teeth, and from the moment we met we were impressed by her natural ability to calm Riley (Terrier). I am a huge believer of Human/Animal Connection, and she and her assistant Jessica had Riley in the cleaning room in a matter of minutes…Tail Awaggin.The results are unbelievable! My 11 year old Boy has puppy teeth and fresher breath.Thank you to APL you worked wonders!!


Melissa cleaned my doggy’s teeth a few months ago, and she was absolutely amazing. Rio is a dog who gets stressed and anxious very easily, and I was absolutely amazed at how calm he was with Melissa. She did a fabulous job cleaning his teeth, which were in really bad shape, and she is so kind and gentle. Rio loved her, and he came out happy with a wagging tail and clean, fresh breath. It made my day because I was so worried about how he would react, and he was one happy dog with sparkling teeth. Melissa is the answer to your pet’s teeth cleaning needs. Without a doubt, I will always use her amazing service.
Thank you, Melissa. You are fantastic, super pleasant and did a fabulous job.– Cherene A.


Melissa did a wonderful job cleaning Taffy’s teeth. There were no sore gums, and Taffy was completely relaxed. I will totally recommend Melissa if you need your dog’s teeth cleaned.

– Joyce Arnott


Melissa’s dog teeth cleaning service was amazing! My 11-year-old morkie had a large build-up of plaque, and she removed all of it gently. Melissa was so kind and made Jersey feel comfortable. Jersey was happy like he normally is after the appointment. We’re very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Melissa to others!!

– Natalie Nanton


Last year we brought our 5-year-old Morkie, Taco, to APL – cosmetic dog teeth cleaning, and they did such an amazing job we had to hire them back the following year. The second time around, we hired them… got the opportunity to witness first-hand how gentle they were with our dog. Taco never showed any side effects during the cleaning procedure or after. Extremely recommended if you love your dogs. Great job! – Jakob Milligan


Bella: 8-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix & Molly: 4-year-old Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. Our experience with Melissa was amazing! … We were able to look in on the dogs after the first 15 minutes, but I didn’t because I didn’t hear a peep from them (odd because my dogs are VOCAL). All told it was about 2.5 hours for both dogs, and the results speak for themselves! I did not expect the cleaning to be so good. The dogs were tired afterwards of course, but they were obviously treated very gently because while we were talking to Melissa afterwards, the dogs were excited to be around her! All-in-all, it was a fantastic experience. Knowing my dogs were just in the other room was amazing, and seeing the difference in their teeth afterwards made me 100% convinced this is the way to go. Amazing, amazing service! – Erin Barker


I took my chihuahua, Jalapeno, to APL Cosmetic Cleaning and could not be more impressed with the results. He can be aggressive with new people, but she knew exactly how to handle him, and his teeth look amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling after the treatment, and his breath smells so much better. Definitely recommend. Prices are very reasonable too. I will be going back again for sure. – Celina Chitaroni


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