Dog Dental Cleaning Services, Barrie, ON

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we have become the preferred source for all-natural, healthy puppy and dog food in the Barrie, Ontario area for those who recognize that a raw food diet is optimal for their pets. Being such a popular alternative, and with business growing every week, we are proud to announce and introduce a brand new service that will have you and your dog both doing back flips. We are proud to offer cosmetic dog dental cleaning services to our ever-growing list of customers, such as yourself, in the Barrie, Ontario area. It is critical to understand that the care and maintenance for our dog’s teeth greatly surpass dental chews, eating sticks, or other hard materials and/or treats, which is essential for their overall health, just as regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits are for us humans.

Cosmetic dog teeth cleaning is latest service being introduced to the canine industry, which helps provide many great and beneficial advantages that support a healthy mouth, in addition to preventing tooth loss, gum diseases, and other critical dental concerns that could severely interfere with your dog’s ability to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our natural, anaesthesia-free dog dental cleaning services are a pampering session your dog will enjoy and benefit from.

We are so pleased to announce that we now offer a full anesthesia-free dental cleaning service using nothing but top-grade, clean, and sanitized dental tools to help us complete each dog! A fully certified tech will start from the gum line, meticulously working their way down, carefully removing plaque and tartar from each tooth, until both front and backs of the entire mouth have been completed. During this process, we use silver colloidal to fight any present infections, while also keeping their pallet moist, and a cotton swab with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to safely remove any residuals while not causing any harm or pain to your companion. Throughout this process, each dog is completely comfortable, relaxed and soothed using lavender oils, music, and soft touch to ensure each and every dog enjoys their experience during this all-natural process!

We will proudly host a 9-hour clinic for our dog dental cleaning services, which allots approximately one hour per client. You will also be provided with a before-and-after photo when you pick up your dog. During pick-up, we will explain any comments and concerns, and we will share our after-care tips and tricks, including how to properly brush your dog’s teeth, with an intro to our top favorite product, TropiClean gel!

In the area, or picking up your next order? Pop in during our next clinic to see for yourself the comfort of our clients. The cost per dog, no matter size or breed, is a flat rate of $199, using a $25 reservation fee to hold your spot. The balance of $175 is due upon completion and when you pick up your furry friend.

Check out our furry friends who had their teeth cleaned!

A.P.L. Treats

When you are looking for quality food and treats for your pet, you need our team here at Animush Raw Pet Food! We sell a variety of products that are made just as nature intended them for your pet, including delightful additions to their normal diet that you can let them enjoy. With careful processing that ensures nutrients are whole and complete, A.P.L Treats are sure to make your pet happy. They will love the unique ingredients, including beaver tail, Eso chews, and lamp and beef tripe bites. These products are not just great to give your pet for a tasty snack, but they also are good for their teeth. For more information about these natural treats, give us a call at Animush Raw Pet Food today.

Still have further questions? Are you interested to learn even more about our dog dental cleaning services prior to reserving a spot for our next session? Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments that you may have; we can promise we don’t bite. Contact us to learn about our next session and to reserve a spot. We guarantee that you and your dog will find our dog dental cleaning services to be a natural, enjoyable experience that you will be more than happy to refer to your friends.


*Note: We are not licensed to remove teeth or provide any medication, so if our examination indicates either of these are necessary, we will use our professional advice and inform you that you can obtain those services at your veterinarian’s office. We will also let you know if there are any dental conditions, such as root exposure, loose teeth, or deep pockets that have kept us from safely completing the dog dental cleaning services. Using only our best professional practice, we will inform you if further advice or services are required.


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