Four Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food

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If you are a dog owner, your canine friend’s health and happiness are almost entirely placed in your hands. While mental stimulation, exercise, and companionship are all important variables in any dog’s health, diet certainly leads the pack as one of the most influential factors in your dog’s wellbeing.

Four Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food

When it comes to your pet’s meals, it’s important to be informed on what ingredients can help or hurt their health. Here’s why some pet owners are opting for grain-free dog food:

1. Decreased allergies and intolerances: Your dog’s food allergies and sensitivities manifest in a very similar way to a human’s symptoms. You may notice clues of your dog’s gastrointestinal distress — including odorous or excessive gas, diarrhea, vomiting, or bad breath — which may be an indication of a gluten allergy or intolerance. If your dog has an allergy to grain products, providing them with grain-free dog food can make all the difference in their health and happiness.

2. Weight management: Many commercial dog foods utilize grains that are cheap and have a high glycemic index. This can lead to an inflammatory reaction that can ultimately cause obesity or diabetes. Grain-free dog food helps to manage and maintain your dog’s healthy weight.

3. Decreased likelihood of disease: Dog food products that incorporate grains may cause reactions that can eventually create adverse health outcomes like arthritis, heart disease, and cancer, while grain-free products do not pose this same threat.

4. Better health and energy: Dogs and dog owners alike can enjoy the health and activity improvements provided by a high-protein, grain-free diet. Your dog can thrive after you make the switch to a grain-free dog food that includes a healthy mix of fats, proteins, vegetables, and minerals.