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Gluten-Free Dog FoodA lot of people are endeavouring to switch to a gluten-free diet, either for an intolerance issue or just because it makes sense to reduce consumption of wheat products. When you consider that people are actually designed to be omnivores and thus grains are tolerable by most in reasonable quantities, whereas dogs are not designed to eat grains at all, it makes sense to consider a gluten-free dog food. They can suffer many of the same symptoms that people can experience when there is too much gluten in their diet.

Before dogs became domesticated, they hunted for their food, and their targets were things like fish, rabbits, birds, and rodents. Your dog may not be able to tell you that he isn’t particularly enjoying that gluten-rich, grain-filled dog food, but you can be sure he’d much prefer something else. You have something to gain, as well, by switching him to gluten-free dog food – fewer veterinary bills and more years with your beloved pet.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we offer only high-quality pet foods that are crafted for the ultimate in flavour and health. We use only 100% Canadian certified human-grade hormone and antibiotic-free meat – no fillers, no grains, and no preservatives. We also offer consultations, so you can learn more about why gluten-free dog food is the best choice for your pet. Our gluten-free dog food is made fresh and immediately frozen, so your pet enjoys the freshest meal possible. Call or come by with any questions you may have.