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Natural Dog FoodIf you have decided that you want to give your dog a natural dog food, congratulations to both you and your pet. That is definitely a wise decision, considering all the unhealthy ingredients found in many dog foods on the market today. Hate to break it to you, however, but your quest for natural dog food isn’t going to be as easy as you might think. All the mass-produced dog food companies have learned that “natural” is an important marketing word, and because there isn’t any law governing its use, what is in that bag may be far from what you envision as natural dog food.

What you’ll need to do is ignore the name and the big splashy verbiage plastered on the packaging and the advertisements and read the ingredients. They are required to list the main ingredients, so that will give you a good idea just how “natural” it actually is. You still won’t know the precise quality of the ingredients, but at least you can avoid the dog foods that have things in them that you know you do not want for your pet, like grains, fillers, preservatives, and chemicals.

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