Is Wet Puppy Food Better Than Kibble?

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Puppy food is the foundation of your dog’s health. Choosing the right puppy food will determine how your dog grows up. It is often debated if wet puppy food is better than dry kibble. While there are benefits to both options, we always recommend choosing a wet, raw food diet to help improve your dog’s health.

Is Wet Puppy Food Better Than Kibble?

Here are some reasons why wet puppy food may be the best option:

  1. Improved Nutritional Content: One added benefit of wet puppy food is the higher moisture content. If your puppy doesn’t drink enough water, feeding them wet food can help avoid any issues. Wet food also has a higher protein content than kibble, as the meat is usually natural and not processed.
  2. Tastier and Digestible: Some puppies may be picky eaters. Choosing a wet food can help ensure they eat enough, as it is usually more palatable due to its softer texture and strong aroma. It can also be easier to digest than dry food, which can help avoid upset stomachs.
  3. Dental Health: Some argue that dry kibble can promote better dental health by helping to scrape off plaque as puppies chew. However, this is debatable. Ensuring your dog has proper oral hygiene starts with regular brushing and vet visits.

Ultimately, it may come down to your preference and your dog’s palate. Both wet puppy food and kibble can offer balanced nutrition when chosen wisely. Combining both types or rotating between them might provide variety in your puppy’s diet, catering to their nutritional needs while keeping mealtime interesting.