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Puppy FoodWhen you pull out your dog’s dish, your puppy probably gets excited about chowing down on the delicious raw puppy food we offer here at Animush Raw Pet Food. While mealtimes can be exciting for your puppy, there are several things you need to do to in order to set your furry friend up for a lifetime of health and happiness:

  • Consider your dog’s breed—When it comes to how much puppy food you give your dog, different breeds need different amounts at mealtime. For example, large breed puppies that need to experience slow, sustained growth, as well as smaller, chunkier breeds, like pugs, need to eat a lower-calorie diet.
  • Set up a schedule—Instead of leaving food out all the time, set up a schedule, so your dog learns when you will provide them with raw puppy food. This is much better for your dog’s health than leaving food out all the time for them to nibble on.
  • Never feed from the table—When you’re sitting at the table eating, it can be tempting to feed your puppy scraps. However, it’s essential that you avoid doing this, as it can encourage your dog to beg as they get older, which is a habit that’s hard to break.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we only want what’s best for your new puppy. If you want to know more about how to promote your dog’s long-term health and happiness by feeding them a diet of raw puppy food, please contact us today.