Signs You Should Buy Dog Food for Allergies

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If your dog has a sensitivity or allergy to certain foods, you’ll notice their dermatologic and gastrointestinal reactions. If you’ve noticed your dog suffering discomfort eating and digesting particular meals, you may want to pursue a food allergy diagnosis from your veterinarian.

Signs You Should Buy Dog Food for Allergies

Here are some symptoms of an allergic reaction in dogs, and some indications that you may want to buy dog food for allergies:

• Dermatologic Signs: One of the primary ways that dogs will exhibit indications of a food allergy is through their skin and coat. According to a study published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal, a survey of dog owners found that 20 percent of the dogs’ dermatological signs of allergy were due to adverse food reactions. If you notice your dog displaying red, leathery, or itchy skin, hives, swelling, ear infections, or lesions (most often found on the face, ears, abdomen, or paws), this could be a clue that they’re allergic to a particular food.

• Gastrointestinal Signs: Uncomfortable for both you and your dog, gastrointestinal distress can show several signs if your dog has a food allergy. Irregular bowel movements, excessive gas, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are all problems that can often be traced to your dog’s diet. You can remedy this by learning more about your dog’s condition and choosing dog food for allergies.

• Other signs: Bad breath, sneezing, red eyes, and eye discharge are all also symptoms of a dog suffering from an adverse immunological reaction to food. If you’ve noticed your dog suffering from these ailments, you may want to determine their specific food allergies and structure their diet accordingly by purchasing dog food for allergies.