Three Questions to Ask a Natural Dog Food Company

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Natural dog food products have filled a gap in the pet food market, emerging as a fierce competitor to conventional dog food alternatives. Considering the immense impact that diet has on your furry companion’s wellbeing, it’s important to make a health-conscious decision when choosing natural dog food products. Knowing details about the products’ origins, quality, and safety can help you make an informed decision that optimizes your pet’s health.

Three Questions to Ask a Natural Dog Food Company

Here are three questions to ask your natural dog food provider:

1. What ingredients do you use? You’ll first and foremost want to get a grasp of the contents of your dog’s food and learn about how the company formulates its products. Get an idea of what types of protein, vegetables, and minerals the company incorporates into its recipes and learn what makes their brand unique.

2. How do you source your products, and what labels do they have? It’s important to get an understanding of how dog food suppliers source their ingredients and what that decision-making process looks like. Knowing what type of labels your dog food has — such as its country of origin, whether it’s human-grade meat, or if it’s hormone, antibiotic, filler, and preservative free — can help you in deciding what natural dog food to purchase.

3. Are your products environmentally friendly? If a business’ dedication to eco-consciousness is important to you, you’ll want to learn more about your natural dog food company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and how it practices ethical, sustainable policies.