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Dog FoodIf you’re like a lot of dog owners, you probably started off feeding your dog dry kibbles. If you’ve decided to switch to a raw dog food diet instead of sticking with dry food, here are some tips to make the transition easier on you and your dog:

  • Don’t worry about bacteria—When many dog owners start feeding their furry friend raw dog food, they worry their dog will get sick from bacteria in raw meat. However, since dogs are carnivores, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after handling their food.
  • Start with one meal of each—Although raw dog food is better for your dog overall, you want to get your dog’s digestive system used to eating raw food all the time. To do this, it’s a good idea to transition into a fully raw diet by feeding your dog one meal of dry food and one meal of raw food for a few days.
  • Have raw dog food on hand—Making your own raw dog food can be a time-consuming task. Instead of trying to make all of your dog’s food on your own, purchase it from us here at Animush Raw Pet Food. We only use quality ingredients in our food, offer a number of different protein sources, and don’t use fancy packaging or add unnecessary fillers to keep our prices low.