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buy puppy foodWhen you welcome a puppy into your home, there are many new items you need to consider. Puppies need special care, and these needs can vary from breed to breed. Some of these considerations come into play when you buy puppy food. As you get ready to buy puppy food for a large breed puppy, here are a few things to look for:

  • Nutrient-Rich Foods: Large breed puppies grow quickly! Growth that happens too fast can lead to health problems for dogs in later life. It is important for puppy owners to pay attention to portion control in puppy meals for large breeds. As owners parcel out meals in smaller doses, this can help manage a puppy’s growth. When you buy dog food, it is important to look for high-quality, filling food to feed your puppy so they get enough nutrients from every meal without being overfed.
  • Low-calcium foods: While it is important for large-breed puppies to get the right nutrients, it is also important to make sure they don’t get too many nutrients. Particularly, it is important for puppies to have low-calcium foods. Too much calcium as a puppy can cause health issues for older large breed dogs. Make sure to choose food with some, but not too much, calcium when you buy puppy food.

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