Why Choose Raw Dog Food?

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The natural protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that raw dog food provides can contribute many benefits to your dog’s health. Many pet owners who feed their pets processed foods notice that their pets experience arthritis, allergies, or problems with their skin or kidneys. If your pup suffers from one of these issues — or if you’re looking to better your pet’s health — here are some reasons why you’ll want to switch to a raw dog food diet.

Why Choose Raw Dog Food?

• Better nutrient absorption: A health-conscious alternative to processed meals, raw dog food offers better bioavailability compared to commercial dog food, meaning nutrients can be absorbed more easily and efficiently.

• Enhances dental hygiene: A raw food diet will keep your dog’s teeth healthy, clean, and white for longer. Commercial dog food companies often add sugar to their products, which can lead to increased bacteria growth in your pet’s mouth. On a diet of raw dog food, your dog will have less buildup of plaque and tartar, meaning both pet and owner will enjoy fresher breath and fewer dental issues.

• Health benefits: About 60 percent of pets are overweight or obese, which can lead to poor health outcomes that include inflammation, increased risk of disease, and shortened lifespan. With simpler ingredients, raw dog food can help your dog’s weight management, as well as aid in the health of their gut, digestion, skin, and coat. Ingredients often found in commercial dog foods like grains, peas, and corn can be irritating and difficult for dogs to digest. Your dog will experience fewer allergies, an improved immune system, and more energy without the addition of fillers, preservatives, or grains in their diet.