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Raw Dog FoodYou only want what’s best for your dog, and that means doing whatever it takes to help them live a happy, healthy life. For this reason, at Animush Raw Pet Food, there are several reasons why we think you should make the switch to raw dog food:

  • When you feed your dog a naturally raw diet, their food is much easier to digest. As a result, your dog will absorb more nutrients whenever they eat.
  • Raw dog food does not have any added starches or carbohydrates. When your dog eats a raw diet, you will notice that due to this, your dog’s teeth will be much whiter without any tartar buildup.
  • When your dog eats raw dog food, their coat will become much healthier and shinier, and they won’t shed as much.
  • If your dog has food-related allergies or skin issues, you may notice that they go away after they start eating a raw diet, since our food doesn’t contain any grains.
  • By eating raw dog food, your dog will smell better, and you will have an easier time helping them maintain a healthy weight.

To help your dog realize all of these benefits, all of our food is made from 100% Canadian certified human-grade hormone and antibiotic-free meat. We also offer a variety of protein sources dogs of all ages and breeds love. Contact us today to find out more about why you should feed your dog a raw diet and the options on our menu.