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PUPPY FOOD IN BARRIE, ONThe typical store-bought dry puppy foods are not the greatest option when it comes to feeding your pet. Since puppies are still developing and growing, it’s important to take extra special care when selecting their food choices, so they get the vital nutrients they need to grow and be healthy. Store bought dry puppy foods tend to be relatively high in carbohydrates and are packed with preservatives and chemicals. Not only can this have a damaging effect on your puppy’s development, but the puppy food high in carbohydrates can lead to excessive weight gain that will lead to a lifetime of health issues for your pet.

Raw dog food is a great option for weight control puppy food and supporting your puppy’s growth and development. Raw dog food includes raw muscle and organ meat, bones, fruits and vegetables, and some dairy. It does NOT include extra chemicals and preservatives and extra carbohydrates that will encourage your puppy to pack on excessive pounds.

Some pet owners are worried about that ability of their pet to digest these raw foods at such a young age, but this should not be a concern. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract that is more acidic than those of humans, so it’s perfectly safe to feed your puppy raw pet food.

Raw dog food has the perfect blend of nutrients for weight control puppy food to offer your puppy the perfect start to a long and healthy life. If you are looking for a weight control puppy food, we highly encourage you to look into a raw diet for your new family member.