Senior Dog Food, Barrie, ON

Senior Dog Food in Barrie, Ontario

Is your senior dog having trouble on those walks around Barrie? Try our senior dog food!

Senior Dog Food in Barrie, OntarioJust as kids have a way of growing up overnight and leaving the nest, it seems like puppies become senior dogs in the blink of an eye. As dogs reach their golden years, there are a number of new challenges to overcome, especially when it comes to giving them the added nutritional support they need. At Animush Raw Pet Food, we make it easy to do, however, with our senior dog food. It is perfectly formulated to be easier for a senior dog to digest, allowing them to get the most nutritional benefit from it.

It is not uncommon for dogs to exhibit more food allergies later in life, making it more problematic to give them dog foods that contain grains and other fillers. Many of our Barrie, Ontario customers have reported that our senior dog food has given their dog a new lease on life. They show more energy, alertness, and mobility than they did on their previous dog food.

While it is ideal to provide your dog with a raw dog food diet their entire life, it is especially important to give them our senior dog food in their later years to reduce illnesses that tend to spring up as they get older. Not only can your dog live longer, but with a vitality they may not have enjoyed otherwise.

Although we cannot promise that every dog that is switched to our senior dog food will suddenly act like a puppy and live for many more years, we are confident that you will see an improvement in your beloved older dog. It is wonderful when you can make their remaining years better for them, and we are very happy to help you do that.  Call or come by with any questions you may have about our senior dog food or any of our other products.

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