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Along with low-sodium dog food, we carry a range of all-natural pet food products.

Food plays a significant role in the way we feel about ourselves, as well as the level of energy we have. This is true for dogs of all species as well, as they need certain nutrients to maintain their energy levels and feel good. One of the essential nutrients in a dog’s diet is sodium, although it’s important to give your canine the right amount in their food. Many of the dog food products available in stores contain more sodium than a dog needs, and excess sodium can cause various health problems. Dogs with certain health conditions, including heart, liver, and kidney disease, may also require a low-sodium diet.

Low-Sodium Dog Food in Orillia, Ontario

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we provide low-sodium dog food that can benefit your pet. If your vet has recommended a diet lower in sodium for the health of your pup, we can get you the right products that contain healthy, raw ingredients. Our low-sodium dog food is made with 100% Canadian-certified, human-grade meat that is free from antibiotics and hormones. It also contains natural sources of fat, vitamins, and minerals to provide a well-balanced diet for your pooch.

Along with low-sodium dog food, we carry a range of all-natural pet food products to customers located in Orillia, Ontario and much of the surrounding area. Give your dog the best in nutrition and watch the many benefits that come with a healthier diet, including higher energy levels, a healthy weight, and a longer lifespan. If you’d like to browse our selection of low-sodium dog food products, contact us or visit our location today.

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