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Gluten-Free Puppy Food, Alliston, ON

Gluten-free puppy food can be beneficial for gluten-sensitive breeds or anyone desiring a filler-free diet for their Alliston puppy.

Gluten-Free Puppy Food in Alliston, OntarioIt seems like everywhere you go these days you can find gluten-free food choices. For many people, choosing a gluten-free diet isn’t just a choice, but a dietary necessity. The choice of whether to include gluten in your dog’s diet should be equally as diverse, and that’s why, here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we offer gluten-free puppy food for your puppy. You might be wondering why a puppy would need or want gluten-free foods, and there are actually several reasons:

  • Food Allergies: Just like humans, there are certain breeds of dogs that have more sensitivity to gluten, and it is frequently a genetic disposition. These breeds physically cannot digest the gluten found in many dog food fillers, and can therefore have digestive problems, skin problems, and other health issues if that is what they are given to eat.
  • Fewer Fillers: Anyone who has every made papier-mâché paste with flour and water knows that gluten can make a great glue. That’s why many companies use it to bind together food materials in dog food pellets. Gluten-free puppy food means you’ll be getting more quality food and less fillers in your dog’s diet. Because your puppy gets more quality out of their diet, you can generally expect smaller poops, as well!
  • More Protein: Gluten-free puppy foods generally contain more protein, since they do not contain the fillers of other dog foods.
  • Better Digestion: A dog’s body was made to digest a lot of protein. After all, dogs are descendants of wolves, and you do not find wolves hunting and eating loaves of bread in the wild!

If you are concerned about your pooch having a gluten allergy or just want to give them a great nutritional start from the beginning, give your Alliston pup our gluten-free puppy food from day one, and watch them grow into a strong and healthy dog.

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