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The puppy food we provide is loaded with natural protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat, which are essential to your pet’s health.

Puppy Food in Orillia, OntarioThe excitement of bringing home a new puppy is wonderful, as you add to your family with a beloved furry member. As you prepare for this new addition to your family, you may stock up on essentials, such as a leash and collar, puppy training pads, food and water dishes, soft beds, and toys. It’s also important to consider what you plan to feed the puppy to help them get the best possible start to life. Puppies need certain nutrients to aid in development and keep them healthy, happy, and active. At Animush Raw Pet Food, we work closely with dog owners to provide them with the best solutions for their nutritional needs.

Our puppy food is made from the best ingredients, including 100% Canadian-certified, human-grade meat that is free of antibiotics or hormones. We never use fillers, preservatives, or grains in our puppy food, as these ingredients don’t provide what your dog needs to thrive. Instead, we use various protein sources, including both pure formulas and gourmet blends, to provide a suitable option for every breed. The puppy food we provide is loaded with natural protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat, which are essential to your pet’s health.

When we make our puppy food, we immediately freeze it to ensure a fresh, delicious meal for your new furry friend. If you want to provide your dog with the best in nutrition, taste, and quality, visit Animush Raw Pet Food to shop our selection of puppy food. We’re conveniently located within driving distance of Orillia, Ontario.

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