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We offer a wide variety of raw pet food options in Barrie, ON, many of which are ideal for all ages and make a great puppy food.

Puppy FoodEveryone knows that you have to give an infant or toddler a diet that is suitable for their developing digestive system and nutritional needs, but often pet owners fail to recognize that the same is true for puppies. Giving adult dog food instead of puppy food too early in a dog’s development is just not good for them. At Animush Raw Pet Food, we offer a wide variety of raw pet food options, many of which are ideal for all ages and make a great puppy food.

We offer pure protein, dinners, complete dinners, cubed meats, organ meats, specialty meats, and even treats. We are more than happy to discuss with you what is best for your dogs and which items are suitable as puppy food, so your beloved pets get the best menu plan for their needs. We offer lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, tripe, elk, beaver, rabbit and salmon that are all 100% Canadian certified human grade hormone and antibiotic-free products.

Puppies are high energy and especially benefit from a quality raw food diet, in part because raw food is easier to digest than store-bought dry puppy food that is full of indigestible grains and laden with chemicals and preservatives. If you want to get your puppy off on the right foot for proper development, give us a call for a consultation. We’ll help you put together a meal plan, as well as some useful treats for reward training, for your four-legged family member. Our location is convenient to Barrie, ON dog owners, as well as those in the surrounding areas.





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