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Raw Fresh Frozen Pet Food, Alliston, ON

You will love the results of giving our raw fresh frozen pet food to your dogs in Alliston.

Raw Fresh Frozen Pet FoodHave you ever really looked at typical dry or canned pet food and thought, “Gosh, this looks so good I could eat it myself.”? Probably not. So why would you think your pet is relishing it? Sure, they may eat it, but so would you if that was all you were given to eat. We began Animush Raw Pet Food because we felt our beloved pets in the Alliston, Ontario area deserved food they would enjoy and would be healthy for them. Our raw fresh frozen pet food is made from 100% Canadian certified human-grade meat that is both hormone and antibiotic-free.

Our raw fresh frozen pet food has all the natural protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that your pet needs for optimal health. It is free of preservatives, grains, and fillers, which your pet doesn’t need and cannot properly digest. Each batch is frozen promptly, so your pet enjoys the freshest meal possible. We offer complete dinners that are packed with fruit and veggies too!

You will notice many changes when you switch your dog over to raw fresh frozen pet food. Their teeth will be healthier and cleaner, and their coat will be shinier. Our food is easy for them to digest and gives them all the nutrients they need so you will likely enjoy fewer visits to the vet.

More good news is that you won’t have to pay a fortune to accomplish these benefits. We don’t use fancy packaging that just increases prices, so you won’t pay a premium price to give your dog the flavour and nutrition they deserve. Raw fresh frozen pet food looks good enough that you may be tempted to eat it yourself . . . but don’t because it is formulated for our canine friends’ optimal health, not yours.

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