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Grain-Free Dog Food, Alliston,ON

We are confident you’ll agree that our grain-free dog food beats what else is out there in the Alliston area, and your dog will love it!

Grain-Free Dog Food in Alliston,Ontario
Thanks to consumer awareness and demand, many pet food companies have endeavoured to add grain-free dog food options. The problem is that if you read the ingredients, most of them are still full of things you might not want to give your pet. Our beloved pets are with us for far too short a lifespan to do anything that could shorten that time or cause them health issues. If you want to be assured of high-quality and ingredients you recognize, you’ll be thrilled with the options we offer at Animush Raw Pet Food.

We go above and beyond to provide grain-free dog food that is full of nutrition and has none of the bad things, like grain, fillers, preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. We use only 100% Canadian, certified human-grade meats that come from animals that didn’t receive hormones or antibiotics. We make up our food using the safest food handling processes, including freeze drying them immediately for ultimate freshness and nutrition.

We have a nice variety of options because we believe our pets deserve the same food enjoyment that we, as humans, do. We’d never eat the same thing day in and day out. Variety is possible when you have high-quality grain-free dog food. It won’t cause digestive distress that you could notice switching from one low-quality food to another. Our protein options and complete dinners have beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken to choose from. We also offer organ meat from beef and lamb, including ground tripe. For something unique, try our specialty tubs of elk, beaver, rabbit, and salmon.

We are confident you and your pet will love our simple, natural dog food that is always a grain-free dog food option you can feel good about. Contact us today with any questions you may have, including our delivery options and training seminars for the Alliston, Ontario area.


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