Dog Food, Barrie, ON

Dog Food, Barrie, ON

Make sure your dog is eating a balanced diet by ordering raw dog food from us in Barrie, ON.

dog foodYou only want what’s best for your pet, which is why when you go to buy dog food, you look for options that will help your dog live a long and healthy life. Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we realize how important your furry friend is to you and are proud to offer raw dog food that will benefit your dog from when they’re a puppy to the later days of their life.

All of our dog food is made from 100% Canadian certified human-grade, hormone and antibiotic-free meat. After you start feeding your dog a diet of our dog food, you will notice that their coat becomes much healthier and shiner and they do not shed as much as they did before. Plus, by feeding your dog a raw diet, you can help them stay at a healthy weight and get rid of bad breath.

Keep in mind that we don’t just make one type of dog food. Rather, we offer a variety of protein sources in both pure formulas and gourmet blends that enable you to feed your dog a completely balanced diet. Whether you own a Golden Retriever or a Chihuahua, our dog food is beneficial for all breeds.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, our dog food is available to pet owners in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding areas. To place an order or to find out more about why raw is the way to go when feeding your dog, please feel free to give us a call today.






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