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Dog Food, Orillia, ON

Let us tell you about a better dog food for the furry members of your Orillia household.

Dog Food in Orillia, Ontario
Let’s face it; there are an incredible number of dog food options out there. But there are also an alarming number of dog food recalls because of contamination and other issues. It has become scary trying to figure out how to do the best thing for your dog when even some of the most trusted brands on the market have had issues. If you haven’t heard about raw diet benefits yet, here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we’re happy to arrange a consultation with you, so you can learn how to feed your dog not only what is good and natural for them, but that they’ll absolutely love!

All our dog food is made from 100% Canadian, certified human-grade, hormone and antibiotic-free meat. It is loaded with natural protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. We freeze dry our food right after it is made. Freshness is assured, and the hazards involved with other dog food manufacturing are eliminated.

You can have complete peace of mind that you are providing a dog food for your pets that is natural, grain-free, and delicious. We are always happy to answer questions as well as set up seminars in the Orillia, Ontario area for groups that want to learn more about a raw food diet for the furry members of their family. We are a family owned and operated establishment and proud pet owners that believed there had to be a better way to feed the beloved dogs that make our lives extra special. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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