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We provide weight control dog food for pet owners living in Alliston.

Weight Control Dog Food in Alliston, Ontario

Although you might expect that pets should be able to maintain their weight from regular walks and playing and running around, many still struggle with weight issues. Overweight pets experience many of the same health problems that overweight humans experience. They could be at an increased risk for most major heart diseases, a lowered immune system, and less energy. Along with general health problems, they may also have increased joint pain and overall discomfort. Unfortunately, many pets may experience weight issues because of the type of food they’re fed.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we provide weight control dog food. We understand what nutrients are essential for a dog to be healthy, and we also know what ingredients to avoid. Many dog foods are packed with unnecessary things like preservatives and addicting ingredients that may encourage your dog to eat more than they need. If a dog is eating more at each meal than they need, you’ll need to buy dog food more often. In turn, this increases the amount of money a company producing dog food makes, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, your dog especially suffers from the consequences of this pattern.

We provide weight control dog food for pet owners living in Alliston, Ontario. We understand that your dog will be happier and more energetic if he or she is eating healthier. Our menu provides just what your dog needs, and we don’t use any harmful ingredients. Your pet’s health is important to us, and that’s why we have created weight control dog food.

Weight Control Dog Food in Barrie, ON