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DOG NUTRITION IN BARRIE, ONTARIOAs a pet owner, there is a lot that you might still be learning about how to adequately feed your dog. There is a lot that the pet food industry is still learning and a lot that professional veterinarians are still researching. Nutrition is a detailed subject that is still somewhat confusing even for what humans should be eating and not eating. To help you feel a little bit more educated regarding dog nutrition, we’ve put together a summary of details you should know.

  1. Dogs need to eat fresh food
  2. The less processed their food is, the better nutrition they’re receiving
  3. Fillers, preservatives, and additives are as addictive and unhealthy for your pet as they are for you
  4. Dogs need fruits and veggies
  5. Food that is frozen right after it is made maintains the highest levels of nutrients
  6. Frozen food allows a dog to eat a fresh meal without sacrificing taste
  7. Dogs need natural protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals
  8. Meat that your dog consumes should be certified as high-quality
  9. Raw food is healthier and easier on your dog’s system to breakdown and use
  10. Constant consumption of unhealthy food can lead to more health issues for your pet

Keep these basics about dog nutrition in mind as you make decisions about what you want to feed your pet. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest food at the store, but when you know more about the effects those foods can have on your dog, it’s easier to make a healthy choice for them.