Dog Nutrition: Giving Them the Best with Raw Food

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There are so many different types of dog food out there that is surprising so many of these options still come in bags! Dogs are not meant to eat dry, hard pellets of meat and meal, but rather they were meant to eat meat out in the wild! While your dog might not have the fickle temperament of a wolf, their bodies still crave the nourishment that is common to wolves. With raw food, your dog can have the best nutrition that their body needs.

introduce raw food as part of dog nutrition

Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we saw an area in dog nutrition that was lacking. We saw dogs everywhere being fed ingredients that they would never eat in the wild because they are cheap and easily manufactured. Things like soy, wheat and corn are not in a dog’s diet, nor is their meat cooked, and yet so often we see dog nutrition being kibble made with cooked meat and fillers or canned meat toppings. When you introduce raw food as part of dog nutrition, you will quickly see the advantages in your dog!

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you switch up your dog’s diet to raw foods is that their digestion habits will change. Their stools might be softer, but they are often smaller and more compact. This is because they have less waste product when they eat a raw diet, and therefore, smaller stools! Another thing you might notice is a shinier, healthier coat and clear, alert eyes.

If you want the best for your dog, make sure that you are up to date on the best in dog nutrition for your pet. Talk with us here at Animush Raw Pet Food today to get them the right type of raw pet food for their needs.