How to Make the Switch to Natural Dog Food

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Most of us head straight to the kibble aisle when it comes to feeding our dogs, but lately there has been more of a push towards feeding your pooch more like what their wild ancestors would eat. With the influx of fresh meats and raw food diets for your pet, there are suddenly options that you can offer your furry friends besides dry food or canned! Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, switching them over to natural dog food usually is best done in steps rather than all at once. Here are a few scenarios that might be helpful if you are switching to natural dog food.

How to Make the Switch to Natural Dog Food

For puppies and more finnicky dogs, going straight from kibble to natural pet food might be too big of a leap. For these types of pets, switching to natural dog food can be done in a couple of ways. First, try adding natural dog food to their kibble slowly and over the course of a few days or even weeks. By gradually increasing the amount of natural dog food and decreasing the amount of kibble, you can give their digestive systems time to adjust.

Another way to help your picky dog switch is by slightly cooking their natural dog food portion. This can help them acclimate to the taste and texture until you no longer need to cook it at all. For senior pets, be sure that you are making the switch to natural dog food very gradually and even adding in vitamins (with the approval of your vet) to help their tummies acclimate to a more concentrated source of better nutrition.

Have you successfully switched over to natural dog food like ours at Animush Raw Pet Food? What tricks did you use? Let us know in the comments below — we would love to hear from you!