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Dog Food
Becoming a label reader is one of the best ways of improving the diet of your family to keep them healthy. The same is true when selecting a dog food for the furry members of your family. While there are other things to consider when deciding on a healthy dog food, your first step would be to know which ingredients you should completely avoid. If any of these are on the label, leave it on the shelf:

  • Corn, Soy, Beet Pulp, and Wheat – These are all unhealthy grains and fillers that can compromise your dog’s digestive and overall health. They are included in many dog foods on the market because they are cheap, not because they believe your dog needs them.
  • By-Products, Meat-Meal, Unspecified Meat – If they don’t specify the proteins used in the dog food, that is a red flag. It means they might not even know what they’ve gotten from a rendering facility.
  • Chemicals – It may or may not show on the label, but it is possible for a dog food to have many harmful chemicals, including sodium selenite, BHA, propylene glycol, and BHT ethoxyquin. If you see an ingredient you don’t recognize, it is likely not healthy for your dog.

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