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Did you know that millions of dogs die every year of cancer, and that roughly 50% of our furry friends will get cancer at some point? It seems hard to imagine, since it was practically unheard of a few decades ago. So, what has changed? It is believed that two-thirds of all human cancer cases are due to smoking or diet choices. Since dogs don’t smoke (other than second hand), it logically points to diet. Dog diets have changed from getting table scraps and foraging to commercially prepared dog food.

The most common carcinogen to be concerned about is aflatoxins, a type of mould that is common in dog food. Any number of products can be contaminated with aflatoxins, including soybeans, rice, corn, wheat, peanuts, and walnuts. Although when a dog food is found to be high in mycotoxins, a large recall can ensue, know that even small amounts bind with DNA, causing cell mutations that pose a high risk for cancer. So, what can you do when standard, premium, and even super premium dog food often has aflatoxins? The solution is to go with natural, grain-free dog food.

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