Start Off On the Right Paw: Your Guide to Raw Puppy Food

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Welcoming a new puppy into your family is a happy, albeit chaotic, time. With so much raucous energy and excitement in your home, you may not have had much time to consider your new fur baby’s nutrition plan.

Start Off On the Right Paw: Your Guide to Raw Puppy Food

Every dog lover wants to give their pets the best care possible, including a well-rounded diet that helps them grow healthy and strong. If you’re looking for an all-natural, premium-quality dog food option, here’s your guide to raw puppy food.

What is raw puppy food? 

Raw puppy food is a specially formulated diet made up of uncooked foods meant to resemble what domesticated dogs’ ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Raw puppy food is often comprised of meats and animal products, including organs and bones, as well as fruits and vegetables. Raw puppy food is often highly specialized to meet the unique needs of your pup.

How is raw puppy food different from conventional dog food?

Raw puppy food offers a high-quality, nutrient-dense alternative to conventional dog foods, which often include unhealthy fillers and common allergens, like grains and corn, as well as preservatives and other additives. Raw puppy food combines only quality, organic, often locally sourced foods in small batches to ensure the best possible standard of food for your puppy.

How do you find the right raw puppy food for your new puppy?

Since raw puppy food can be curated for your special pet, a consultation with a raw puppy food specialist can help determine just the right diet to help your puppy thrive.

If you’re interested in feeding your precious pup a raw puppy food diet, our team at Animush Raw Pet Food is happy to answer any questions you have.