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Border Collie (2 years old)At Animush Raw Pet Food we are beyond grateful to all of the thousands of customers who responded to our offer of a free sample of our Wild Ocean Pure Dehydrated Salmon Oil with a small purchase.  We know that this superior product is an excellent choice for your pets, but we could not have anticipated the incredible interest causing our offer to go viral. With over 10,000 responses in a two-week period, we are so grateful for your patronage.

However, we are a small family business, and the large number of orders certainly caught us off guard! We are processing your requests as quickly as possible, so please bear with us as we work towards completing your order.

Our pure dehydrated salmon oil is from Wild Ocean Salmon, not the farmed salmon which are raised in pens and fed hormones and antibiotics for faster growth. Undiluted and pure, this product comes straight from the dehydrator and is extremely high in Omega 3, making it great for skin problems, hair growth, stomach and bowel problems, as well as other allergies your pet may be suffering from.

We would also like you to know that we carry a number of other high-quality dog food products for your animals, including organic dog food, raw dog food, and natural puppy food. Our products provide alternatives to traditional dog food, designed to give your dog a long, healthy, happy life.

Please let us know if you would like more information about the high-quality dog food we have available or about the Wild Ocean Pure Dehydrated Salmon Oil. We thank you again for your patronage and look forward to hearing your stories about your experiences with our products.