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NATURAL DOG FOOD IN BARRIE, ONIn the last decade, society as a whole has really taken to noticing how and where our food is produced. Consumers are more concerned about the types of food they put into their bodies, since we have been noticing the far-reaching negative health effects of decades of convenience food and highly processed, packaged goods. As we have noticed the ill effects our own diets are having on our health, it has led us to question the same for our beloved pets.

Today, the dry dog food most people have come to associate with feeding our pets is a far cry from any recognizable real-life food. Dogs have gone from eating raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables to a dry, cereal-like food that looks nothing like the real food they are supposed to be eating. Pet owners are seeing the discrepancy and are making the switch to more natural dog food that is better for your pet.

When you decide to make the switch to natural dog food, it’s best to introduce the new foods slowly into your dog’s diet. It will take several weeks or even months for your dog to adjust to the new food supply, both in taste and for their digestive system to get used to it. Start adding the natural dog food in slowly with your previous dog food and increase the ratio every couple of days. Some dogs may not like the new dog food at first, but stick with it, and they will come around.

As you begin to switch to natural dog food, you’ll notice the benefits in your pet. Most pet owners start to notice a shinier coat and teeth almost immediately. Dogs will start to have better digestive function and as a result will have smaller stools.  You may also notice reduced allergy symptoms and better weight control in your pet.

Give your pet the gift of a healthier life by switching to natural dog food today!