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Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we often get asked why we are so passionate about raw pet food and why it is an ideal option for dogs. For starters, we are proud pet owners ourselves and wanted to have a better pet food solution than what we found readily available. Here are the top reasons why switching to a raw dog food could be the best decision you make for your dog and yourself.

Why Raw Dog Food is the Best Decision for Your Dog [Infographic]

  • Avoid Pet Food Recalls – Do you feel anxious every time there is yet another pet food recall? The majority are due to contaminated ingredients and chemicals finding their way into the pet food. You won’t have that problem with raw dog food, especially ours, which is made from 100% Canadian certified human-grade, hormone and antibiotic-free meat with no grains, fillers or preservatives.
  • Reduce Vet Bills – Drastically lower illness and disease, such as diabetes and arthritis, with raw dog food and save significant money over the lifetime of your dog. Raw dog food boosts their immune system and allows a better physique, avoiding the issues of obesity.
  • Avoid Allergies – The most common allergic reactions are related to corn and wheat, which has led to several grain-free options appearing on the market. Go a step farther with raw dog food and avoid other intolerances at the same time.
  • Enhanced Coat – Your dog will have a healthier coat and skin when on a raw dog food diet without your spending money on costly fish oil and other supplements.
  • Tooth Health and Appearance – It is a common misconception that dogs need biscuits and dry food to keep their teeth clean. The opposite is actually true. These create buildup, leading to unhealthy teeth and bad breath. You’ll notice their teeth are a lot better with a raw dog food diet.
  • Happy and Energetic – Which would you rather have – a bowl of dry cereal (no milk) or a steak? Your dog will be much happier with raw dog food than with dry commercial products. It might surprise you just how much a diet affects their sustained and balanced energy level. Avoid the ingredients in traditional dog food that can make them lethargic, and you’ll see a remarkable difference.
  • Reduce Gas – While the dog might get blamed for an odor wafting around a room they didn’t create, the reality is they are often the culprit. If you are tired of leaving the room and opening windows, you’ll be happy to learn that a raw dog food diet improves overall digestion, resulting in less digestive discomfort and gas. That means less throwing up, too!
  • Firmer Stools – You’ll enjoy those walks much more when your dog has a firmer stool thanks to raw dog food.