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Our raw healthy dog food can give your pet wonderful vitality.

Raw Healthy Dog Food in Orillia, OntarioChoosing the right dog food is critical to the health of your furry friend! Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we are dog lovers turned food creators to ensure that our dogs and yours could get the best possible nutrition. We offer raw healthy dog food choices for puppies and dogs in a variety of different flavours and varieties in the Orillia, Ontario area that we are confident you’ll love.

Our raw healthy dog food is one of the healthiest choices that you can make for your pooch. Because we choose only the highest quality meats and vegetables, each serving is packed full of nutrition. Right after preparing and mixing our fresh dog foods, we freeze the mixture. This helps to keep the food at peak freshness so that your pet will be enjoying fresh, flavourful food with each serving.

We have many different choices for our raw healthy dog foods. Not only do we have both puppy and large breed puppy foods, but each of our grain-free foods are healthy and organic choices that can help with other issues your pet might face, including weight issues, allergies, excess sodium, and specific nutritional requirements.  With different meats such as chicken, beef, lamb and turkey, we are confident that even your pickiest of eaters will enjoy our raw healthy dog food.

If you are looking for quality healthy dog food options, we are here for you. Our food helps to provide wonderful nutrition that will help ensure the liveliness and vitality of your pet for now and for years to come. Please contact us today to learn more.

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