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We take the guess work out of selecting raw dog food for your beloved pet in Barrie, ON.

Raw Dog FoodAll too often, pet owners forget that when our domesticated friends were in the wild, they didn’t have the items in their diet that are found in commercially prepared products. You wouldn’t find a dog happily munching on an ear of corn in the wild, so why is corn meal such a prominent ingredient in dog food? It shouldn’t be, and your dog’s digestion isn’t very happy with it, either. It is there not because your dog wants it or needs it, but because it is cheap. When it comes to giving your dog what their system is designed for, raw dog food is the optimal choice. It doesn’t have to be expensive, though, as you’ll see when you get raw dog food from us at Animush Raw Pet Food.

We have all your dog’s flavoured favourites, including beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey, as well as more exotic choices of elk, beaver, rabbit and salmon. We also have treats that you can feel good about giving them, such as smoked and dehydrated salmon, beef and beaver tail pieces. They’ll also love our duck and chicken feet, as well as bison knuckles.

We saw a need for affordable raw pet food in the Barrie, ON area and endeavoured to fill that niche that we hope will become commonplace for the health of our local pooches. We’re proud pet owners, too, so we understand wanting the best for them. Not only will you get high-quality 100% Canadian certified human grade hormone and antibiotic-free raw dog food, but you’ll also enjoy the ultimate in customer service with our raw pet food consultations. We take the guess work out of selecting raw dog food for your beloved pet!



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