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Looking for a healthy alternative to traditional wet dog food? Find out why Barrie dog owners are switching to our raw dog food!

Wet Dog Food, Barrie, OntarioNo longer is the choice for meals for your dog limited to dry and wet dog food. Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we offer an even better option. Our raw dog food is made from 100% Canadian certified human-grade hormone and antibiotic-free meat so your dog will love it every bit as much as traditional wet dog food, but is gaining from the natural protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals packed into our pet foods.

There are three things you want for your beloved furry friend: a long life, a healthy life, and a happy life. When you feed your dog a well-balanced diet that they love the flavour of, you can achieve all three of these. We offer a wide variety of choices so that you won’t need to resort to mass-produced dry or wet dog food again. We offer complete meals, organ meats, specialty tubs, dinners, and even treats!

Whether your dog is partial to lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, elk, beaver, rabbit or salmon, we offer Barrie, Ontario dogs the cuisine they will thank you for. Once you make the switch from traditional dry or wet dog food to a natural raw diet, you will notice a number of changes. Their teeth will be healthier and whiter and their coat will be shiner.  And, of course, they’ll be happier! Our food is easily digested and will your dog all the nutrients they need for optimal health.

We use simple packaging to keep our prices affordable because we know you’d rather pay for a great alternative to wet dog food instead of a fancy package. Once you make the change to raw food, you’ll never go back. Contact us with any questions you may have or for advice about making this important change. We offer consultations and can set up seminars for groups that want to learn more.

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