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Gluten-Free Dog Food, Alliston, ON

Let us tell you about the benefits that all dogs in the Alliston area can enjoy with our gluten-free dog food.

Gluten-Free Dog Food
Once upon a time the wild dogs of our land used to wander around looking for wheat because it was much more flavourful to them than the rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife they hoped never to have to eat. Okay, you know that is probably not the way things were – so why would you feed dog food full of wheat and grains to your pet? More and more savvy pet households are turning to gluten-free dog food because it just plain makes sense. However, not all gluten-free dog food available on the market provides the nutrition and digestibility that your dog needs. When you also want quality you can trust, come to see us at Animush Raw Pet Food.

Our pet foods are made without grains and fillers, but we go even further by using hormone-free, antibiotic-free ingredients. All our food is made with 100% Canadian, certified human-grade meat that retains the nutrition due to a process of freeze drying to retain raw food benefits. The freshness and flavour are assured, which means your dog will love it! If you have been giving your dog some canned wet food as a special treat, imagine how much more they’ll appreciate a quality “wet” food all the time!

Gluten-free dog food is not just a good option for a dog that is showing signs of being intolerant to gluten. The detriments of gluten aren’t always immediately recognized. We are confident that when you make the change to our raw diet gluten-free dog food, you’ll see more vibrancy and energy, as well as a healthier dog overall. Contact us today with any questions you may have or if you’d like to set up a seminar in the Alliston, Ontario area for a group you know that wants to learn more about a raw pet food diet’s many benefits.

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