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Gluten-Free Dog Food, Orillia, ON

Keep your dogs healthy and gluten-sensitivity-free with our gluten-free dog food.

Gluten-Free Dog Food in Orillia, OntarioDid you know that dogs can suffer from food allergies just like humans can? However, while they might suffer from food allergies, many times their bodies react to certain food elements in a different way. Instead of breaking out in hives like a human, you dog might have itchy skin, shed fur excessively, experience gas or diarrhea, or have inflammation in their ears. These symptoms often are uncomfortable for your pet, but can go unnoticed for a busy pet owner, especially since dogs aren’t very vocal about their complaints! At Animush Raw Pet Food, we have the answer that you might be looking for if you want a change in your pet’s diet: gluten-free dog food.

Gluten is a wheat protein, and products that contain wheat also contain gluten. This includes things like bread, pasta, and cereals, and even certain types of oats can have gluten. Often times, gluten is used as a binding agent due to its elastic nature. Because it makes such a great binder, it is often incorporated into cheaper dog foods that are looking to stretch the amount of protein included in your pet’s food. With gluten-free dog food, you are getting a more concentrated protein source, which is what your dog’s digestive system is designed for.

Even if your dog seems to tolerate gluten products, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from gluten-free dog food. With quality, human-grade cuts of protein specifically designed for your dog, you’ll be giving your dog the best nutrition available in Orillia, Ontario. Contact our team at Animush Raw Pet Food for more information today!

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