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Raw Dog Food
As proponents for raw dog food share their knowledge, a sizeable shift away from commercial kibble makes dog food manufacturers nervous. That has lead to an alarming spread of misinformation aimed on discrediting a raw food diet. Here are the most common myths that are spreading and the truth that debunks them.

Myth #1 – A raw food diet isn’t balanced.

The reality is a quality raw dog food includes the supporting vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet. It isn’t just about eating raw meat. The addition of fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients means your dog will get all the nutrition they need.

Myth #2 – It is time consuming and complicated to switch to a raw dog food.

Unless you are planning to go out and hunt down the meat yourself, it is no less complicated to purchase raw dog food than it is grabbing kibble off the grocery store shelf. Even if you make your raw dog food yourself, it takes no more time to buy the right ingredients for your dog’s meal than it does your own.

Myth #3 – A raw dog food puts your dog at risk of salmonella.

The reality is your dog has more chance of becoming ill from salmonella by feeding them kibble. Kibble doesn’t have any live enzymes to help your dog’s digestive system stay healthy. A healthy dog gut can easily process salmonella and other bacteria due to natural digestive enzymes and high acidity. When you consider the multiple recalls on kibble for contamination, the risks involved with raw dog food are minimal.

Myth #4 – Raw dog food is too expensive for most families.

The long-standing message about diet for people has been to invest in a good diet and health or pay a higher cost in medical bills. The same is true for your pets. While it will cost more for raw dog food than a bargain kibble, the risk of cancer and other illnesses drops considerably. Your pet will also be happier and exhibit fewer behavioural issues with raw dog food. In addition, raw dog food may be less costly than you think.

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