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DOG FOOD IN BARRIE, ONWhen it comes to dog food, the convenience of dry dog food can’t be beat. Simply open the bag, scoop, and pour. No mess, and it barely takes any time to feed your pet. But when compared to wet or raw dog food, that is about the only benefit dry dog food has to offer.

Wet dog food is growing in popularity as consumers realize what amazing benefits it provides to their pets. Over time, as convenience became a more and more important factor in our lives, the standard dry dog food evolved into what it is today. Unfortunately, it is far from the natural diet dogs and their ancestors have survived on since the beginning of time. Dry dog food contains significantly more carbohydrates, 50-75%, compared to the typical 15% of their ancestors’ food, and far less fat and protein. This misbalanced nutrient line-up presents health problems in dogs and leads to obesity.

On the other hand, wet dog food represents a more natural approach to feeding your dog. Wet dog food is made up of raw muscle and organ meat, bones, raw eggs, vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, fruit, and some dairy, like yogurt. These are real foods and minimally processed to give your dog a wholesome, healthy approach to being fed. Those who feed their dogs wet dog food find that their dogs have a shinier coat, stronger teeth, fewer digestive problems, and are healthier overall. The one downside to wet dog food is the cost and the fact that it takes more effort to prepare your dog’s meal.

We hope you can see that the benefit of offering your dog a diet of wet dog food far outweighs the convenience of using dry dog food.