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When you bring home a new puppy, you might be excited for the cute snuggles and playtimes ahead. Puppies are adorable, no doubt about that, but these little furry rascals quickly become our four-legged friends and companions. If you are thinking about or have recently gotten a puppy in your household, help them get their best foot (or paw) forward with the best in raw puppy food from our team here at Animush Raw Pet Food.

feeding raw puppy food to your new puppy

Puppies have naturally sharp teeth, which you will notice soon when they attempt to nibble on your fingers or your clothing. Although they can cut and chew through most anything, many puppies don’t enjoy the taste and texture of kibble when they are younger. Instead of feeding their young, immature systems fillers like corn, wheat and soy byproducts, giving them raw puppy food from Animush Raw Pet Food can be just what their growing bodies and sharp teeth are looking for.

Our puppy food is specially designed and mixed according to the nutritional standards that growing puppies need. We even take into account special circumstances when it comes to feeding raw puppy food to your new puppy, like the nutritional differences a large breed puppy will require versus a breed that will put on weight very easily and will need weight-control puppy food.

In order to give your puppy the best start in life, try starting them off right with the best possible raw food options from Animush Raw Pet Food. With human-grade meats, no fillers, preservatives or hormones added along with nourishing fruits and veggies, your puppy will love meal time. To learn more about raw puppy food, please contact us today here at Animush Raw Pet Food.