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Our all-natural dog food contains no fillers, grain, hormones, or preservatives.

All-Natural Dog Food in Orillia, OntarioIf you want what’s best for your dog, you’re certainly not alone. Many dog owners spend a lot of time and energy providing their dogs with plenty of exercise, toys, and affection to help them feel loved and healthy. However, what you feed your dog is also an important part of the care you provide to your canine companion. After all, their nutrition is important and plays a role in their health and well-being, energy level, and lifespan. Choosing all-natural dog food options that only contain the ingredients they need to thrive is the best way to provide your pet with the best in nutrition.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we are a provider of all-natural dog food for pet owners in the Orillia, Ontario area. We are a family-owned and operated business that puts the needs of pets and their owners first, creating raw pet food options that promote longevity and health. Our all-natural dog food contains no fillers, grain, hormones, or preservatives. Instead, it’s chock-full of 100% Canadian-certified human-grade meat, including lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey, and natural fat, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to the health of your beloved dog.

When we finish making every batch of all-natural dog food, we immediately freeze it to ensure that your dog can always enjoy a fresh meal. Our all-natural dog food options are also more affordable than others, since we skip the fancy packaging and focus only on providing high-quality, fresh food that fits into just about every pet owner’s budget. Got questions about our products? Give us a call or stop by our shop today.

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