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Large Breed Puppy Food, Alliston, ON

In order to meet the special nutritional needs of a large breed dog, you need specially formulated large breed puppy food for your Alliston pooch.

Large Breed Puppy Food in Alliston, Ontario
So, you’ve decided to go with a large breed puppy. Congratulations! Large breed dogs can intimidate many people, but the owners of these dogs know them to be kind, gentle, and just as fond of cuddling as their smaller counterparts. Large breed puppies do require special care to ensure that they are growing at the proper rates, and a large component of keeping your large breed puppy healthy through their developing years is finding the right large breed puppy food.

Nutrition for large breed puppies is different from that of a small breed. You can’t put a Great Dane and a Chihuahua in the same house and expect them to eat the same foods! Large breed puppies need special diets, or they risk facing skeletal and muscular abnormalities later in life due to improper development. Because large breeds have larger bodies, they need to be able to grow a strong skeleton in order to support their body mass. Large breed puppies need just the right amount of calcium in order for this to happen. Additionally, their basic macro-nutrient needs change from time to time, so a visit with your vet can help you determine how much and how often to feed your large breed puppy during the first year of their life.

Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we want your large breed puppy to be your big, furry friend for years to come here in Alliston, Ontario. That’s why we have developed a large breed puppy food of our own in order to help ensure your pet gets the best nutrition possible. If you have questions about our large breed puppy food, we would love to tell you more about it! Please contact us today.

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