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If you’re in Alliston we offer incredible organic puppy food for your pet.

Organic Puppy Food in Alliston, Ontario

Cute little puppies are one of the most irresistible things in the world. Seeing them run and jump and play is so freeing and adorable. At Animush Raw Pet Food, we want to help keep your puppy healthy as it grows older. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your pet growing and developing well.

We make organic puppy food that includes everything your little pup needs, and we also avoid unhealthy fillers and preservatives. We don’t add grains or hormones to our foods, either. We know how dangerous those things can be to your puppy’s health. That’s why we pack each of our meals with natural protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that your puppy does need. We also freeze our food right after it has been made to preserve the nutrients that your pet will consume once they’re eating it. Each of our meals is made with fruit and veggies and 100% Canadian certified human-grade hormone and antibiotic-free meat.

Keep your pet healthy from a young age by only feeding him or her organic puppy food. We hope you’ll consider the pros of providing your pet with healthy food. The more that we understand the impact of an unhealthy diet, the more important it is to us to provide the highest quality food for your pets as possible. If you’re in Alliston, Ontario, we offer incredible organic puppy food for your pet. Let us help you keep your new dog healthy by choosing food options that will provide all the nutrients your puppy needs without filling his or her tummy with things that are hard to digest.

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