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Natural Dog FoodHave you ever noticed a hyper or unruly child in the grocery store and noticed the grocery cart full of sweets, processed foods, sodas, and other unhealthy items? Your first thought is that the child’s diet is affecting their behaviour. If you have a dog exhibiting behaviour problems, is it not much of a stretch to consider it could also be diet related. The reality is that the food you feed your dog affects his or her gut health and potentially behaviour. Switching to natural dog food could be more beneficial than you might think.

If your dog used to be happy and loving but has turned quiet, listless or even cranky, it could be that the lipopolysaccharides that normally hang out in the dog’s gut are being pushed into the bloodstream. They have a toxic effect on brain cells, particularly the neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, known as the “happy” hormones. As these decrease, your dog’s behaviour is affected. To put it simply, natural dog food encourages a happy emotional state.

Processed and grain-based foods, as well as additives used in traditional dog food, cause leaky gut and the result can be undesirable behaviour and fearfulness in your pet. Behavioural issues that might be relieved by a switch to natural dog food include aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, and depression. Other steps you can take to help your pet are to use a holistic vet, use natural remedies for deworming, fleas, and ticks, and use fresh water instead of chlorinated water.

The ideal natural dog food for your dog is our high-quality, grain-free raw pet food line. Here at Animush Raw Pet Food, our goal is to have your pet be the happiest and healthiest possible, so they can enjoy a long, quality life. Contact us today to learn about our products that do not have grain, fillers, preservatives or hormones.