How to Choose High-Quality Dog Food

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Whether you’ve recently brought home a puppy to add to your family or you have a breed of dog that brings joy and excitement to your life, knowing what kind of dog food to choose to keep them healthy and happy is something worth thinking about. How do you choose high-quality dog food that will ensure they are getting the nutrients they need?

How to Choose High-Quality Dog Food

There are many different options on the market today that claim to be high-quality dog food, but it isn’t always clear why one brand is better than another. The good news is that there are some easy ways to determine which high-quality dog food is going to be best for your pets.

  1. Read the Ingredients – When you read the label on a can or bag of dog food, you may notice that the first ingredient isn’t always what you think. Often, the traditional dog foods are made of fillers like wheat and corn and don’t necessarily have the protein and vitamins your dog really needs.
  2. Look at the Nutrient Breakdown – The needs of each dog can vary when it comes to nutrients, but there are some basic things that hold true for all canines. For example, high-quality dog food will prioritize protein and essential vitamins and minerals over fillers.
  3. Feeding Recommendations – Depending on the age and condition of your dog, you’ll want to check the feeding requirements on any dog food you buy. This will ensure that your pet has a full belly and is ready to live life to the fullest!

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we understand that deciphering the labels on pet food can be a challenge. Fortunately, we offer high-quality dog food that doesn’t have fillers and other unnecessary ingredients that don’t benefit your dog. Contact us today to learn more about how our high-quality dog food will help your dog live his or her best life!