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Although dogs have been domestic pets for years, it has taken a long time for us to learn much about their health, specifically their nutritional health. What people are discovering is that dogs need less processed foods just like humans. Unfortunately, many dogs are fed diets that are very unhealthy and can lead to other issues.

As a pet owner, you should learn more about high-quality dog food. Doing so will help you provide your dog with the proper nutrition it needs. Your dog will look and feel healthier, and as it ages, it will deal with less disease if it is fed well.

We are often asked, “What does high-quality dog food consist of?” and here is a brief summation of what you should be looking for in the meals that you’re providing to your dog.

Fresh or frozen meals will have the highest degree of nutrition
No added grains, fillers, preservatives, or hormones should be included
Meat should be certified as high-quality
Meals should include fruits and veggies
Follow these basic guidelines as you determine the food that you’ll buy and serve to your dog. There are not many options that will give you all these benefits, so take your time to find the food that will be best. Giving your pet high-quality dog food will give you peace of mind that you are giving them the nutrition they need.