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Raw Dog FoodMost people think of their dog as a member of the family and endeavour to give them a quality life that’s full of happiness and health. If you feel that way about your furry friend, you may be wondering what the best option is for feeding him or her. You want something that is tasty, as well as healthy. An ideal option is raw dog food. It has a number of important benefits for your pet.

First of all, raw dog food provides your pet with the same experience they had before dogs became domesticated. Dogs did not have the luxury of a campfire to cook their newly caught rabbit or squirrel. They consumed their food raw, and that is how their digestive system was designed to do it. In addition, many foods lose vital nutrients when they are cooked, so feeding your pet raw dog food is the best way to ensure you are giving them the nutrition they need to be strong and healthy.

Finally, when you consider that most processed dog foods on the market today are full of low-quality meats, fillers, grains, and whatever can be tossed in there to keep it cheap, logic dictates that your dog is not getting near the quality that they would from raw dog food.

At Animush Raw Pet Food, we offer the highest quality raw dog food you can find in the Barrie, Ontario area, and we keep it affordable enough that it won’t bust your budget. In fact, if you give your pet a raw dog food diet, there is a good chance you’ll save a ton on veterinarian bills over the lifetime of your pet. We use only human-grade meat in our raw dog food, and it is 100% Canadian certified to be hormone- and antibiotic-free, as well. Your furry friend will be licking his chops in anticipation of his raw dog food meal.